The standard in corporate mindfulness

The MINDFRESH Approach

From 2015-2018, Jen Kluczkowski hand-selected and trained over 70 teachers in her approach in 18 cities around the world. These teachers were carefully vetted for existing knowledge and teaching experience, and a natural ability to resonate with the corporate community. After 25-hours of training, teachers passed a test with Jen before receiving permission to teach this specific approach within companies.
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As a collective, this team of trained teachers is responsible for over 22,500 moments of presence at some of the world’s most recognized companies.

The MINDFRESH Approach

The MINDFRESH approach is based on traditional mindfulness practices and in-depth user research within the corporate space, making it the most effective practice in keeping the body and mind functioning at peak potential during the work day. It always includes 3 elements: mindful movement, conscious breathing, and guided meditation. You can find more about the approach and its benefits here.

About Jen​

Jen Kluczkowski has been teaching mindfulness in the corporate space since 2012. She’s an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher with over 800 hours of formal training in yoga, philosophy, and meditation. For four consecutive years, she took annual trips to India to study with masters. The intention was to take ancient practices and make them attractive and approachable to the business world.